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Remote control Webasto Eberspächer

Remote control Webasto Eberspächer
Remote control Webasto Eberspächer Remote control Webasto Eberspächer Remote control Webasto Eberspächer Remote control Webasto Eberspächer Remote control Webasto Eberspächer Remote control Webasto Eberspächer
Product Code: GSMS-PH5
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Price: $225.98
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* Type of controller, see pictures 3/4:

* Temperaturesensor:
Required for reading temperature.

* Performance antenna:
Antenna with better performance (recommended).

* Start/stop pushbutton:
More information on the bottom of this page.


Remote control for Webasto and Eberspacher heaters using mobile app

This is the fifth generation of our popular GSM remote control for Webasto and Eberspächer heaters!

Remote control your preheater or airheater in your car, truck, boat or other recreational vehicle rv with a mobile or landline phone using phone calls, SMS or iPhone and Android app. GSMS-PH5 is designed to work in combination with the Eberspächer and Webasto controllers shown in images 3 and 4. If you have any of these controllers the installation usually takes less than 20 minutes.

We offer a 2-year guarantee on all of our products!

The unit is easily installed parallel with an existing controller with the supplied 3M™ Scotchloks™, most times the installation process is only to connect 3-5 wires depending on controller model. With your GSMS-PH5 you will receive a wiring diagram for your specific controller and any extra accessories, in other words everything you need. It is also possible to install the GSMS-PH5 without an existing controller and connect it directly to the heater depending on heater model, contact us if you are unsure.



The GSMS-PH5 unit is developed and manufactured in Sweden* and rigorously tested & well proven. We use only high quality components from authorized distributors.

• Easy to setup and use but packed with functions.
• Schedule start; select a time and date in the future when you want the heater to start.
• Easy IOS and Android app available, "GSMS Remote Control" in Appstore and Google Play.
• Also works with Webasto and Eberspacher native apps; "Thermo Call" / "EasyStart GSM".
• Control and setup the unit directly in the mobile app. No programming skills required..
• Can be used free of charged with phone calls as it does not answer the call.
• Works like Eberspächer Calltronic / EasyStart GSM and Webasto ThermoCall TC3 / TC4.
• Supports GSM quad-band and will work worldwide.
• Low power consumption and high strength signal coverage thanks to the external antenna.
• Works on both 12V and 24V systems, control the heater in your truck or other heavy equipment.
• Two potential free outputs and W-bus support makes it suitable for most heaters.
• And more!

Information when used in combination with controller

Depending on which controller you have the GSMS-PH5 will either work together with the controller i. e. you can start the heater with the GSMS-PH5 and stop it with the controller and vice versa or they will work independently of each other i. e. if you start the heater with the GSMS-PH5 you need to stop it with the GSMS-PH5 and vice versa.

EasyStart R/R+
EasyStart Remote/+
EasyStart T
EasyStart Timer
Digi-Max D1000
Multi-Max F1000/F2000
Mini Clock
Module Timer Air/Water
Telestart T70/T80/T90
TeleStart T91/T100HTM
1531 Combi/Comfort

Works together
Pushbutton not needed

301 Modulator
301 Thermostat
Programmable Timer
White Timer
Room Thermostat
SmartTemp Control/fx

Works independently
Pushbutton recommended

Mini Controller
Programmable Button lvd
Eberspächer Rheostat
2 Pos Control Switch
Toggle Switch
Webasto Rheostat

Works together
Special mode
Pushbutton required!

The pushbutton is used for manually controlling the GSMS-PH5. It also has a built in light that indicates if the heater is on or off. The pushbutton is recommended when the GSMS-PH5 and the controller works independently of each other so that you for example easily can stop the heater by pushing the button without using your phone.

The only thing more you need is a SIM-card, read more about it HERE.

*PCB made in China, enclosure made in USA. Picked-and-placed, assembled and tested in Sweden. is not affiliated with Webasto or Eberspächer in any way.
Technical specifications
Operating voltage 12V/24V
Operating temperature -25 °C to +70 °C
Power consumption Nominal 0,03W (30mW)
SIM-card type Mini-SIM
Timer 10 – 999 minutes (max heattime depends on heater model)
Timer accuracy Max 0.5% off
Memory 5 authorized phone numbers
IP-rating IP20
Dimensions Approx. 65 x 28 x 80 mm
GSM-bands 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Cable length 50cm connection cable

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