2 channel GSM-controlled relay mobile app

2 channel GSM-controlled relay mobile app
2 channel GSM-controlled relay mobile app 2 channel GSM-controlled relay mobile app 2 channel GSM-controlled relay mobile app 2 channel GSM-controlled relay mobile app 2 channel GSM-controlled relay mobile app 2 channel GSM-controlled relay mobile app
Product Code: GSMS-SW22T
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* Supply voltage:
For powering the unit itself.

* Temperaturesensor:
Required for reading temperature.

* Performance antenna:
Antenna with better performance (recommended).


Remote controlled GSM-relay with 2 inputs and 2 outputs

The GSMS-SW22T GSM-relay enables you to control your electrical appliances from anywhere in the world using a landline phone or mobile phone. It can be connected to almost any electrical device and lets you turn them on or off by using phone calls, SMS or our iPhone and Android app. It also has two inputs that can be connected to for example a motion detector so if there is any movement detected you will receive a SMS or the inputs can be configured to control the relays. The unit supports quad band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) and will work worldwide!


The GSMS-SW22T unit is developed and manufactured in Sweden* and rigorously tested & well proven. We use only high quality components from authorized distributors.

We offer a 2-year guarantee on all of our products!

• Easy to setup and use but packed with advanced functions.
• Temperature functions for monitoring, alarms and temperaturecontrolling the relays.
• Rename, enable or disable the inputs and outputs from the units reply SMS.
• Can be used free of charged with phone calls as it does not answer the call.
• Supports GSM quad-band and will work worldwide.
• Very low power consumption, nominally 0.03W (30mW!) and good signal strenght.
• Both relays can be configured and controlled independently of each other
• Easy IOS and Android app available, "GSMS Remote Control" in Appstore and Google Play.
• Control and setup the unit directly in the mobile app. No programming skills required.
• Delay relay turn on by 1 minute - 99 hours into the future.
• Output relays can be used in latching mode (on until turned off) or in timer mode (1 sec - 999 hours).
• 4 settings to control how the unit sends back confirmation-SMS.
• Up to 5 authorized phone numbers allowed to control the unit with phone calls and to receive alarms.
• 4 digit security password when controlling the unit with SMS/APP = unlimited users.
• IP67 enclosure, suitable for outdoor use or industrial environments.
• Two configurable inputs that can be used to send SMS or to control the relays.
• Wide application; open and close gates, control pumps, monitor industrial equipment or machines etc.
• Control the heat or other applications in your recreational vehicle rv, caravan, camper van or motorhome.
• Works with heating systems from Alde, models 3000, 3010 and 3020. Contact us for more information.

The only thing more you need is a SIM-card, read more about it HERE.

*PCB and enclosure made in China. Picked-and-placed, assembled and tested in Sweden.

Technical specifications
Operating voltage 12/24VDC - 110-230VAC
Operating temperature -25 °C to +70 °C
Power consumption Nominal 0,03W
Inputs/outputs 2 inputs / 2 relays
Output relay 10A 250VAC / 10A 30VDC
SIM-card type Micro-SIM
Timer 2x 1 sec - 999 hours
Timer accuracy Max 0.5% off
Memory 5 authorized phone numbers
IP-rating IP67 (outdoor use)
Dimensions Approx. 90 x 40 x 122 mm
GSM-bands 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

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