Wireless remote control options

All of our remote control units are controlled over the mobile network with SMS (mobile app) or phone calls. Some may wonder what different options exists for remote control and the pros and cons for these. Here we have gathered some information that makes it a little easier to understand how our remote controlled devices work and compare some of the different technologies available for remote control.

Wi-fi Radio frequency Mobile network data Mobile network SMS/calls
Coverage Typically up to 100m Typically up to 1km Where a mobile phone works Where a mobile phone works
Remote control with mobile phone check cross check check
Landline phone and non smartphones cross cross cross check
Easy setup with no IP-addresses etc. cross check cross check
Requires no external equipment cross check check check

Above you see the most widely used techniques for wireless remote control over about 50 meters. If you want to remote control something under 50 meters, there's also Bluetooth and other technologies. Remote control over the mobile network via SMS and phone calls offers both easy setup/usage, superior range and control via your mobile phone that you usually have in your pocket! The only thing you need in addition to the device is a SIM-card, which usually can be ordered free of charge from most network providers.